Multiplex Case Studies

Pre-Clinical Array

A biopharmaceutical company wanted to multiplex novel proteins that are indicators of target organ toxicity. Researchers had previously tested these proteins individual ELISAs or on other multiplex platforms. After a lack of success in other platforms, they decided that the Quansys Biosciences chemiluminescent technology—the Q-Plex™ Array—would be the preferred platform. Chemiluminescent ELISAs have been shown to be more sensitive than traditional colorimetric ELISAs, and there are no known endogenous luminescent chemicals as in fluorescent arrays; using Q-Plex™ was a logical choice. Using Q-Plex™ technology, the company rapidly screened their library of antibodies for  cross reactivity and matched pair determination.

CRO-Cytokine Array

A contract research organization (CRO) in Texas was asked by its sponsor to evaluate cytokine responses for multiple cytokines. This request was made in the final two weeks of the study, and multiplex ELISA was the only option that allowed for completion of the testing on time. After consulting other suppliers and service providers who were not able to help in a timely manner, the CRO contacted Quansys Biosciences. Quansys was able to get an imaging system and testing kits to the CRO the following day. With a minimal amount of training from Quansys’ tech support personnel, the CRO was able to perform the assays and, most importantly, analyze the large amount of data included in their final report to the sponsor.

Pre-Clinical Pharma Array

A virtual pharmaceutical company approached Quansys Biosciences to devise assays that would help establish proof of concept that the pharmaceutical company required. This required Quansys to develop ELISAs that had not previously been developed anywhere else. Quansys was able to develop the required ELISAs in a multiplex platform covering multiple species and test the pharmaceutical company’s in vitro and in vivo samples in-house using Quansys’ sample testing services.

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