Clinical Applications

Custom Array Development

Multiplex-Solutions-LargeUtilizing our in-house development and printing facilities, we work directly with our clinical partners in designing, developing and manufacturing multiplex products in accordance with customer’s specification. Each project is controlled and documented using a Design History File providing traceability and history for the development process. The Array Development program has four phases of development which provide a step by step process which lends to minimizing risk. As you consider Quansys as a partner, contact us for a proposal for your intended panel. Based on your specifications, we will draft a statement of work detailing technical design and development, timelines and pricing.

Instrumentation and Software

Distorted-Q-View-Imager-Pro-WideTo support clinical customers, Quansys offers the Q-View Imager Pro along with the Q-View Software. The Q-View Imager Pro integrates with a high grade CCD camera and optics which provides quality images with optimal sensitivity and reproducibility. The Q-View Imager Pro also is amenable to automation integration with an automated deck. In order to Qualification-Plateprovide periodic maintenance and quality control on the Imager, or to establish and evaluate IQ/OQ/PQ criteria, customers may utilize the Q-View Qualification Plate.

The Q-View Software is the user interface for the Q-View Imager Pro. The software captures images, auto-finds the spots, processes the image, and exports data in customized formats. The software also has the components necessary to aid in CFR Part 11 compliance.


ISO-Cert-LogosQuansys is an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 registered company and complies with cGMP. Products are designed, developed, and manufactured according to the procedures outlined in our Quality Management System. We work hand in hand with our customers providing components or product based on their own regulatory preference, whether it is a 510K submission or for use in a CLIA environment.


Closeup-of-Print-HeadsFollowing successful development, manufacturing takes place in our Production Department. The components of the kit are manufactured and quality controlled based on joint QC release criteria. They are labeled as components for further manufacture and shipped.

Case Studies within Clinical Applications

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Applications in Clinical Diagnostics

  • Infectious Disease
  • Inflammatory conditions
  • Heart Disease
  • Hormones
  • Auto-Immune
  • Allergy
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer

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"We are dedicated to the development of protein arrays that aid researchers and clinicians in better understanding, diagnosing, and treating disease. Our products and services provide value to customers by improving the accuracy and efficiency of their testing."


Quansys Biosciences is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered company. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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