About Us

What We Do

At Quansys Biosciences we’re dedicated to the development and manufacture of immunoassays that aid scientists in better understanding disease. Our products and services provide value to customers by improving the accuracy and efficiency of their biological sample testing. We believe the tools we offer allow researchers and clinicians to better meet their research and diagnostic objectives.

Products & Services

Q-Plex™ Arrays – These multiplex ELISAs and singleplex ELISAs maximize the data generated with each precious sample at a low cost per data point. Choose one of our standard kits or customize the exact array you need.

Q-View™ Software – A user-friendly image analysis package that enables the acquisition and analysis of large amounts of multiplex ELISA data.

Q-View™ Imagers – High quality, low-cost, imaging systems for chemiluminescent array imaging.

Sample Testing Service – Take advantage of the productivity and cost benefits of multiplex immunoassays without investing in additional equipment or personnel

Custom Assay Development & Printing – We specialize in building multiplexed assays for your specific testing needs. Get the results you want without paying for those you don’t.

Our History

Established in 2005, Quansys Biosciences, Inc. is a Spendlove Research Foundation company. The Spendlove Research Foundation was created in 1989 through an endowment by Dr. Rex S. and Reta Spendlove. Dr. Spendlove is the founder of HyClone Laboratories, a leading provider of cell culture products throughout the world. Portions of the original HyClone business are now part of GE Healthcare and Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Quansys Biosciences is located in Cache Valley near Utah State University in Logan. The close proximity to the University allows us to hire highly trained and highly qualified individuals.

Quansys Biosciences
365 North 600 West
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