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We decided to go with the Quansys system because their multiplexed plates had all of the markers we were already looking at in a tedious, singleplex format. Switching to the Quansys system was both hugely cost effective and much easier to use. One of the things that I enjoy most about working with Quansys is that their R&D team is always willing to help me troubleshoot anything that might be problematic with my sample data. They truly are multiplex ELISA experts!

– Neven, Regenexx

Our lab has been using your kits for quite some time now and we love it! Thanks for the amazing product Quansys.

– David, University of Sydney

Working with Quansys has given us the platform to perform flexible, fast, and customizable multiplex assays. With the Q-view imager and cost-effective multiplex plates, Quansys has a dramatically lower entry cost to performing multiplex assays in-house. We like the flexibility to use both stock and custom plates. Quansys sales and technical support groups are very responsive, making Quansys easy to work with.

– Bart, Exicure