International DistributionEurope

BioVendor – Laboratory medicine is a significant distributor of a broad spectrum of in vitro diagnostic products and specialized range of clinical products. BioVendor is also an internationally operating biotech company with its own research, development, manufacture and marketing network.

Laboratorni Medicina a.s.

Karasek 1767/1
621 00 Brno
Czech Republic
Tel : +420–549 124 185
Fax : +420–549 211 460
Czech Republic

BioVendor GmbH
Otto-Hahn-Straße 16
34123 Kassel
Tel: +49 6221 4339 100
Fax: +49 6221 4339 111

BioVendor GesmbH
Nußdorfer Straße 20/10
1090 Vienna
Tel : +437 1 890 9025
Fax : +43 1 890 9025-15

Research & Diagnostic Products
Kopcianska 80
851 01 Bratislava
Tel: +421-254-650-667
Fax: +421-254-650-668

International DistributionChile

Cellus is dedicated to research, development and commercialization of therapeutic services and custom biotech products in the field of regenerative medicine. They are focused on the prevention and reversal of impairment in the skin of patients with traumatic injuries, skin diseases, or symptoms of aging. Their laboratory analysis and cell culture-art is managed by a multidisciplinary team with extensive clinical experience and production bio-pharmaceuticals. They are currently working to develop effective and innovative solutions through cellular therapies and biologics autologous (obtained and administered to and from the same patient), consistent with the highest standards and international requirements for quality and safety.

Av. Del Valle 961 Of. 4702
Business City
Huechuraba – Santiago

Phone: (562) 2949-2910
General E-mail:

International DistributionJapan

Cosmo Bio provides the most up-to-date products and technical information available from world-class manufacturers, to laboratories, research institutes, life-science education and testing organizations throughout Japan.

Phone: +81-3-5632-9617
Fax: +81-3-5632-9618

International DistributionSouth Korea

Dong-In Biotech Co., Ltd is dedicated to the supply of high-quality life science related products to hospitals, laboratories, government and private institutes, and prominent universities in South Korea. Dong-In has over 8,000 regular customers and maintains close working relationships by always listening to customers.

Dong In Biotech Co., Ltd
19-9 Geoyeodong
Songpaku, Seoul
South Korea (138-110)
Tel: (82)2 431 7375
Fax: (82)2 431 0645

International DistributionCanada

FroggaBio is a Canadian distributor of laboratory products, supply instruments, reagents and disposables. We serve customers within academic and industrial research institutes, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies and hospitals. Headquartered in Toronto Canada, FroggaBio represents numerous companies exclusively allowing us to offer a comprehensive line of products in biological, chemical, and diagnostic fields at very competitive prices. FroggaBio’s portfolio also includes various OEM products which we offer in North America as well as through our worldwide distribution network. We maintain close contact with our customers and stay up to date on scientific developments by attending various local and international scientific conferences.

230 Canarctic Drive Toronto
Ontario M3J 2X8

Toll Free (North America): (877) 318-7277
Phone: (416) 736-8325
Fax: (416) 645-3399
General E-mail:

International DistributionTaiwan

GenDiscovery Biotechnology Inc.
2F.-1, No.5, Lane 291, Sec. 1,
Shuiyuan Rd., Xizhi Dist.
New Taipei City
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Phone: 886-2-8691-8491
General E-mail:

International DistributionChina

Since its incorporation from June 18, 1998, in Shanghai, China, Genetimes has grown steadily. Genetimes delivers products in every aspect of biological research, including molecular biology reagents, biochemicals, immunological reagents, clinical diagnostic kits, pharmaceutical industry raw materials, scientific instruments, consumables, etc. These products are used widely in academic fields and industrial applications, from basic biomedical research to disease diagnosis, from emerging new biotechnology to pharmaceutical production and healthcare products manufacturing.

Genetimes Technology Inc.
1F, Building 28, No.140 TianLin Road
Shanghai 200233
P. R. China

Genetimes Technology Inc.
Room 512, Xinzhou Commercial Building, No. 58,
Fucheng Road, Haidian District
Beijing 100022
P. R. China

Genetimes Technology Inc.
10th Floor, Yueyun Building, No. 5 Zhongshan Road 2
Gangzhou 510081
P. R. China

Genetimes Technology International Holding Ltd.
(Hong Kong)
Unit 7, 7/F, Block A, New Trade Plaza, No. 6 On Ping Street
Shatin, Hong Kong
Tel: 2385 2818
Fax: 2385 1308

International DistributionIndia

Genosys Informatics located at Delhi was established in the year 2004 to serve the Life Science Research community. The Company provides complete solutions in Instrumentation, Reagents and Consumables for Life Science Research in the area of Molecular Biology, Genomics, Proteomics, Immunology and Cell Culture etc. to our targeted customers such as Academic Life Science Research Institutes, Biotech and Biopharma Companies, Hospitals and Diagnostic Centers, Universities etc.

Genosys Informatics
104-105, First Floor, Vardhman Fortune Mall,
G.T. Karnal Road, Near Gujranwala Town,
Azad Pur, New Delhi-110033

Phone: +91-9999996617
Fax: +91-11-42436617
General E-mail:

International DistributionFinland

Immuno Diagnostic Oy was founded in 1983. They are a Hämeenlinna-based company that imports and markets high-quality diagnostics and research reagents and equipment. They represent the well-known suppliers of diagnostics in clinical microbiology, pathology, clinical chemistry, hematology and cytogenetic industries.

Immuno Diagnostic Oy
Well Street 16
13100 Hämeenlinna

Tel. +358-3-615 370
Fax. +358-3-6822 039

International DistributionMalaysia

Mbioscience Solutions Sdn Bhd is an exclusive distributor of antibodies, recombinant proteins, immunoassays, and bioassay kits. They distribute products and provide support for local research communities throughout Malaysia.

No.4 Jalan Kemuning
32/149B Kemuning Utama
Seksyen 32
40460 Shah Alam, Selangor
Phone: (+6) 011 3308 9839
General Email:

International DistributionUK

Based in Milton Park, Oxfordshire, Oxford Biosystems was established in 2001 with the aim of sourcing reliable, quality in-vitro diagnostic products and research tools for clinical and research laboratories. We aim to offer our customers an excellent level of customer service and our products are sourced from innovative organisations with proven track records in the development and manufacture of high-quality products.

Oxford Biosystems
115J Olympic Avenue
Milton Park
OX14 4SA
Tel : 01235 431390

International DistributionIndia

Proteogen Biosciences (India) Pvt Ltd was founded in the year 2003 with a dedicated conviction to be a comprehensive associate for world renowned manufactures in the field of Life Sciences. Later the company was incorporated as a private limited company with a mission to expand its activities. Over the years Proteogen has focused on supporting scientists and researches in their pursuit of achieving scientific excellence with reagents and instrumentation from some of the pioneering manufactures around the world. Based out of Bangalore, Proteogen is driven by highly experienced management and technical team with a highly successful track record in sales and marketing, and a wide array of innovative products.

Proteogen Biosciences (India) PVT LTD
#2, 3rd Floor, Ramachandra Arcade
21, 2nd Cross, MSRE Road
Bangalore – 560054

Phone: +91 80 65304079
General E-mail:

International DistributionAustralia & New Zealand

Sapphire Bioscience is a distributor of quality antibodies, innovative bio-reagents and an extensive range of chemicals and kits for Life Science research. Servicing the research needs of Australian, New Zealand and South-East Asian scientists, Sapphire Bioscience represents manufacturers who are constantly expanding their product lines to keep abreast of advances in cutting-edge research. Sapphire Bioscience is able to source hard-to-find products and facilitate custom synthesis services. The Company ethos promises outstanding customer service and Sapphire Bioscience strives to provide fast order processing, speedy delivery and expert technical support in line with this promise.

Sapphire Bioscience Pty. Ltd.
Unit G1, 44-70 Rosehill Street
Redfern, NSW 2016

Freecall: 1800 062 088 (AU)
Phone: +61 2 9698 2022
Fax: +61 2 9698 1022

International DistributionBrazil

Founded in 1987, Sellex has continuously been a pioneer in addressing the business needs of the Brazilian scientific community. Sellex has developed a strong base in the Brazilian research market through the use of its specialized sales team. Always in search of the latest cutting edge technology, Sellex represents many industry-renowned suppliers of imported reagents and scientific research equipment. Sellex boasts the credibility and trust of its customers, exemplified by years of success.

Sellex places great emphasis on customer interaction throughout the sale process. Our advisory service includes product selection and training, followed by post-sale support for all of our items. Customer satisfaction our company’s number one priority.

We are located in São Paulo with local sales team in Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Ribeirão Preto, Campinas, São Carlos, Porto Alegre, Fortaleza and João Pessoa. Our clients have personalized support.
Our team is extremely qualified, spanning a broad range of specialties. Members have degrees in the fields of Biomedicine, Pharmacology, Biochemistry, and Engineering. Others have masters, doctorates, and post-doctoral degrees in molecular biology, immunology and neurosciences.

Our prices are fair, internationally competitive and we offer high-quality, client-tailored technical assistance.

5225 Wisconsin Avenue, NW; Suite 306
Washington, DC 20015 U.S.A.

(202) 686-3044 nos Estados Unidos ou

Informações Gerais:
nos Estados Unidos

(Serviço de Atendimento ao Cliente em São Paulo):
Rua Arandu, 205/1105 – 04562-030
São Paulo – SP – Brasil
(Serviços de Pré-Venda e Pós-Venda)

Fone/Fax: (011) 5506-4646

Informações Gerais: no Brasil

International DistributionIsrael

Tarom Applied Technologies Ltd. is a leading distributor in Israel for well known international manufacturers for equipment, instruments, and reagents.

Tarom Applied Technologies Ltd.
Tel: 972-3-9214145
Fax: 972-3-9214146

International DistributionEurope

tebu-bio has a well-established pan-European presence, recognized by the international scientific field. However, with local offices throughout Europe, you can talk to someone in your own language, at your convenience.

tebu-bio Laboratories
39 Rue de Houdan – BP 15
78612 Le Perray en Yvelines Cedex
Tel : 01 30 46 39 00
Fax : 01 30 46 39 11

tebu-bio Belgium
Tel: 03/ 454 00 66
Fax: 03/ 454 18 88

tebu-bio France
Tel : 01 30 46 39 00
Fax : 01 30 46 39 11

tebu-bio Germany
Tel: (069) 801013-0
Fax: (069) 801013-20

tebu-bio Italy
Tel: 02 97 29 50 10
Fax: 02 97 29 50 77

tebu-bio Netherlands
Tel: 072-572 21 00
Fax: 072- 572 21 33

tebu-bio Nordic Countries
Tel: (+45) 46 74 02 54
Fax: (+45) 46 74 02 53

tebu-bio Portugal
Tel: 21 000 82 48
Fax: 21 000 16 75

tebu-bio Spain
Tel: 93 306 34 10
Fax: 93 306 34 99

tebu-bio UK & Ireland
Tel: +44 (0)1733 421880
Fax: +44 (0)1733 421882