Acquire and Analyze Large Amounts of Data

Q-View™ Software is a powerful tool for quantitative analysis of Q-Plex™ Arrays and other chemiluminescent or IR based assays. This software program acquires, views, and analyzes microplate images. The software is optimized for use with the Q-View™ Imager Pro and the Q-View™ Imager LS, and also works well with a variety of other imaging systems.

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High Quality, Reproducible Chemiluminescent Imaging

The Q-View™ Imager Pro is a high-resolution chemiluminescence imager for microplates and blots with automation compatibility. Its cooled high quantum efficiency sensor and clinical-grade optics are paired with advanced image acquisition algorithms which combine to reduce noise and maximize sensitivity. The full feature set of the Q-View Imager Pro provides high sensitivity, high throughput data to save you even more time, sample, and money.

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High Quality, Low-Cost Chemiluminescent Imaging

The Q-View™ Imager LS is a high quality, low-cost chemiluminescent imager. The Q-View Imager LS supports 96-well to 384-well plate based chemiluminescent imaging.

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