Expect More From ELISA

When comparing the difference between traditional ELISAS and Multiplex ELISAs, there are several criteria to evaluate such as time, availability of sample, testing costs, learning curve and market availability. The following table shows the differences between the two technologies and the value given by adopting multiplex technologies.

Q-Plex™ vs. Traditional ELISA

CategoryQ-Plex™ Multiplex TechnologyTraditional ELISA
Sample Size15-50 µl / well50-100 µl / well
Sample TypeMany typesMany types
ProtocolModified ELISAStandardized
Time3 hours for 2400 data points48 hours for 2400 data points
Data Output2400 data points / test96 data points / test
CostLower Cost- $1.30 / data pointHigh Cost- $5 / Data point
SensitivityHigher SensitivityLower Sensitivity
AvailabilityIncreasing Product OfferingsWide Range of Products
EquipmentQ-View Imager LS less than $15kVarious