Plate Imaging Service

Plate Imaging Service

Leave the imaging to us

Do you have samples and need data but don’t have an imager? No problem, we’ve got options. You can send us your samples and let us do all of the work, or with our new Plate Imaging Service, you can prepare your own plate, with your own samples, in your own lab. Using our validated stabilizing solution, you can safely ship your prepared plate to us where we will finish the protocol and image it for you. It’s just that simple. This service is currently limited to our customers in the United States.

Kit Contents:

  • Stabilizing Solution
  • Foil Plate Bag
  • Desiccant Pack (sealed in Foil Plate Bag)
  • Protective Foam Plate Sleeve
  • Well Assignment Card and protective sleeve

Process Overview:

  • Order Q-Plex Array and supplemental imaging kit
  • Run Q-Plex protocol through the incubation and wash, then add Stabilizing Solution rather than substrate
  • Dry plate thoroughly, package, and send to Quansys for imaging
  • Quansys receives plate and completes imaging protocol
  • Quansys provides image and raw data

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