Press Release: Quansys Biosciences releases Q-Plex™ IL-1 Family Array (10-plex)

Logan, Utah April 01, 2015, — Quansys Biosciences, a pioneer in multiplex ELISA development and manufacture, is releasing a new 10-plex IL-1 Family Array. Harnessing the power of multiplexing technology, Quansys, an ISO 9001 and 13485 registered company, has developed this IL-1 Family array to help clinicians and researchers alike in their quest of detecting infections, inflammations and autoimmune diseases in humans. The following biomarkers are contained within this versatile array; IL-1α, IL-1β, IL-1ra, IL-18, IL-33, IL-18BPa, sIL-1 R1, sIL-1 R2, sIL-1 R3 and sIL-1 R4. The ability to test small amounts of sample across so many analytes simultaneously provides a cost effective way to quickly and accurately identify the presence of proteins associated with these conditions.

“We are pleased to add the IL-1 Family Array to our kit offering. The IL-1 Family Array is a first to market product that covers the critical cytokines involved in the IL-1 pathway. This product allows the simultaneous measurement of key proteins in a time and cost efficient manner.” said Matthew Groll, General Manager at Quansys Biosciences.

About Quansys Biosciences Inc.

Quansys Biosciences is dedicated to the development and manufacture of multiplexed assays for protein quantification. Quansys Biosciences Q-Plex Array Technology aids researchers in better understanding of disease. The Q-Plex Technology includes multiplex and singleplex assays built to maximize the quantity and quality of data from biological samples. To support its multiplex assays Quansys also provides the Q-View Imaging system consisting of: Q-View Software, a user friendly software package that enables the acquisition and analysis of large amounts of multiplex data and the Q-View Imager, a high resolution imaging system used to capture chemiluminescent assays. Quansys Biosciences was founded in 2005 as a Spendlove Research Foundation company.

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"We are dedicated to the development of protein arrays that aid researchers and clinicians in better understanding, diagnosing, and treating disease. Our products and services provide value to customers by improving the accuracy and efficiency of their testing."


Quansys Biosciences is an ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 registered company. We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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