Press Release: Quansys Biosciences Lauches™ Q-View Imager line

Logan, Utah June 15, 2015, — To further growth and to improve performance, Quansys Biosciences is proud to launch a new instruments product line; the Q-View Imager Pro and the Q-View Imager LS. Both instruments are engineered for optimal performance with Q-Plex kits and reagents. The Q-View Imager Pro is a high-resolution chemiluminescent imager for use with Q-Plex products. Its cooled, high-quantum efficiency sensor and clinical-grade optics are paired with advanced image acquisition algorithms which combine to reduce noise and maximize sensitivity. The Q-View Imager Pro is designed to integrate with existing automated systems to meet high-throughput demands. The Q-View Imager LS is focused on life science research applications with its easy-to-use platform and modest price.

“These new instruments catapult the Q-Plex Technology to a higher level of performance addressing the needs of both the clinical and life science markets,” said Matt Groll, General Manager at Quansys. “With clinical grade optics and cameras, we’ve seen significant improvements in both reproducibility and sensitivity while providing a segway into automation for our high-throughput customers.”

About Quansys Biosciences Inc.

Quansys Biosciences is dedicated to the development and manufacture of multiplexed assays for protein quantification. Quansys Biosciences Q-Plex Array Technology aids researchers in better understanding of disease. The Q-Plex Technology includes multiplex and singleplex assays built to maximize the quantity and quality of data from biological samples. To support its multiplex assays Quansys also provides the Q-View Imaging system consisting of: Q-View Software, a user-friendly software package that enables the acquisition and analysis of large amounts of multiplex data and the Q-View Imager, a high-resolution imaging system used to capture chemiluminescent assays. Quansys Biosciences was founded in 2005 as a Spendlove Research Foundation company.

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