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When Enfer Scientific was evaluating several multiplex technologies, they were overwhelmed with the complexity and high prices of the industry. Enfer Scientific had pioneered the work in developing a list of candidate assays that would be used to diagnose Bovine Tuberculosis. They needed a multiplex platform that could easily incorporate the new assays, follow typical ELISA protocol, reduce costs and provide large scale up.

They had heard from an associate about Quansys Biosciences and contacted them with regards to a custom application. Quansys was then able to take their proprietary assays, print them in a plate of his choice and ship to him for his own development efforts. As time went on, Quansys was able to help their team develop the array to meet the specifications.

The results were exactly as Enfer had expected. From their initial list of 20 candidate assays, they were able to settle on a list of 7 which showed the highest level of accuracy with regards to sensitivity (71% to 93%) and specificity (85% to 98%). This new array was able to outperform all the current ELISA assays as well as a lateral flow assay. Quansys has now begun manufacturing in large scale to incorporate Enfer’s expectations in the market.

* “Multiplex Immunoassay for the Serological Diagnosis of Mycobacterium bovis Infected Cattle”

Authors: Clare Whelan1, Eduard Shuralev1, Grainne O’Keeffe1, Paula Hyland1, Henry Kwok2, Shane Olwill2, Matt Groll3, Sara Call3, Jim Johnston2, Mary Jo Hamilton4, William C. Davis4 and John Clarke1* Clinical and Vaccine Immunology Dec 2008, 15:12

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