Soileau J et al., J Athl Enhanc 2018, 7:2
DOI: 10.4172/2324-9080.1000291


Soileau, Judge, and David Bellar

Quansys Products Used:

Inflammation Custom Chemilumenescent Multiplex Assay Kit


Intense and prolonged bouts of intense exercise can cause metabolic acidosis due to the accumulation of intramuscular hydrogen ions. The purpose of the investigation was to assess the efficacy of a calcium bicarbonate sport supplement to enhance exercise performance and recovery. Sixteen healthy, active, college-aged males were recruited to participate in the investigation. Participants in this cross-over study had two ten day supplementation periods separated by a ten-day washout period. Performance measures were tested and recorded via graded exercise tests on a cycle ergometer at baseline, as well as after both supplementation periods. Blood samples were acquired at baseline as well as pre- and post- exercise after both trial periods to assess levels of ammonia, 8-OHdG, creatine kinase, lactate dehydrogenase, and C-reactive proteins, IL-2, IL-6, and TNF-Alpha markers. ANOVA revealed significantly lower levels (treatment vs. placebo) by time (baseline, day ten) for 8-OHdG post exercise (main effect F=6.98, p=0.013). Creatine kinase levels demonstrated a significant interaction effect (main effect F=0.267, p=0.608; treatment * time: F=3.05, p=0.04). Additionally, a significant difference in peak lactate was noted by treatment (t=1.67, p=0.05, 3.8 mmol supplement vs. 4.8 mmol placebo). Significant differences were not found for aerobic performance measures, ammonia, C-reactive proteins, Interleukin-2, Interleukin-6, or TNF-alpha. The results of the present investigation provided initial evidence for the use of the multiingredient supplements. This preliminary evidence suggests the supplement may blunt lactate response to exercise and help provide some protection from muscle damage and oxidative stress

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