Tarleton, R., Kurup, S.,  (2018) US Patent Application No. US9907822B2


Rick Tarleton, Samarchith Kurup

Quansys Products Used:

Q-Plex Mouse Cytokine Kit, Q-View Imager, Q-View Software


This disclosure describes, in one aspect, a composition that includes a transgenic pathogen that expresses a heterologous pathogen associated molecular pattern (PAMP). In some embodiments, the pathogen may be attenuated. In some embodiments, the pathogen can include T. cruzi. In another aspect, this disclosure describes a method of treating an infection in a subject. Generally, the method includes administering to the subject, in an amount effective to treat the infection, a pathogen genetically modified to express a pathogen-associated molecular pattern (PAMP) not natively expressed by the pathogen.

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