Q-Plex™ Human Micronutrient v2 (7-Plex)

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Q-Plex Human Micronutrient v2 (7-Plex)

For measurement of AGP, CRP, Ferritin, HRP2, RBP4, sTfR, Tg

  • Species Specificity: Human
  • Validated Sample Type: Serum and Heparin Plasma
  • Sample Volume Required: 5 µL
  • Estimated Assay Length: 3.5 hours
  • Intra-Assay Cross-Reactivity: No significant interference observed. <1% cross-reactivity observed. 
  • Assay Type: Varies (See Performance and Validation Data table)
  • Detection Method: Chemiluminescent
  • Multiplex Format: 96-well solid plate
  • Catalog: 355149HU
Analytes Assay Types Calibrator Range Upper Limit of Quantification (ULOQ) Lower Limit of Quantification (LLOQ) Limit of Detection Precision* (Inter-assay) Precision* (Intra-assay Average* Linearity
AGP Competitive 0.36-0.0005 (g/L) 0.25 (g/L) 0.0019 (g/L) 0.00096 (g/L) 6.3% 5.1% 102.1%
CRP Sandwich 1-0.0014 (mg/L) 0.7 (mg/L) 0.0018 (mg/L) 0.00089 (mg/L) 8.8% 6.7% 102.0%
Ferritin Sandwich 23-0.032 (µg/L) 16.17 (µg/L) 0.041 (µg/L) 0.021 (µg/L) 9.8% 7.8% 87.5%
HRP2 Sandwich 1.9-0.0026 (µg/L) 1.33 (µg/L) 0.0034 (µg/L) 0.0017 (µg/L) 4.5% 7.6% 100.6%
RBP4 Competitive 1.01-0.0014 (µmol/L) 0.71 (µmol/L) 0.0054 (µmol/L) 0.0027 (µmol/L) 8.2% 5.4% 94.8%
sTFR Sandwich 4-0.0055 (mg/L) 2.8 (mg/L) 0.0071 (mg/L) 0.0036 (mg/L) 8.2% 11.1% 101.2%
Tg Sandwich 15.1-0.021 (µg/L) 10.57 (µg/L) 0.027 (µg/L) 0.013 (µg/L) 13.0% 10.9% 100.2%

Principle of the Assay

Micronutrient deficiency can have systemic and enduring repercussions upon an individual as well as their offspring. If left untreated, it can significantly reduce the quality of life and even have deadly consequences. While it can affect populations across the globe, it disproportionately affects children and women of reproductive age in low- and middle-income countries. Public health surveillance programs are needed to identify populations at risk and determine the appropriate interventions to apply.

Performance of the Q-Plex Human Micronutrient v2 (7-Plex) was optimized with correlation to samples provided by the Centers for Disease Control Performance Verification Program for Serum Micronutrients as well as the Vital EQA program. Continued participation in the Vital-EQA program increases confidence in the assay through the elimination of bias and precision problems.

The Q-Plex Human Micronutrient v2 (7-Plex) is an accurate and affordable tool for measuring micronutrients in serum and plasma sample types collected as part of related public health surveillance programs. With the ease of use of a traditional ELISA protocol, the platform will help facilitate testing within the survey country.

Kit Content

Each kit contains a 96-well plate, featuring the relevant biomarker panel in each well, and all reagents required to perform testing.

Reagents Include:

  • Calibrator
  • Detection Mix
  • Substrate
  • Sample Diluents
  • Streptavidin HRP
  • Wash Buffer


All Quansys Q-Plex™ Multiplex and Singleplex assays require the use of the Q-View™ software to read and interpret the test results. A fully-functional, free trial version of the software is available to download, install, and use to analyze your first kit(s). At the end of the trial period, a purchased license is required to continue the use of the Q-View software.

Q-Plex arrays are developed and optimized to work with Q-View imagers. Quansys does not guarantee the results obtained from other imagers and not all imagers are compatible with Quansys Q-Plex arrays.

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