Aviir - Diagnosing Cardiovascular Disease

Assay Development and Commercialization

Success Story


Aviir wanted to reduce costs, reduce sample, and bridge the gap of working on two separate platforms.

Their Story

AVIIR is a biotechnology company that develops cutting-edge, diagnostic tests enabling accurate diagnosis and prognosis of cardiovascular disease. The company’s proprietary technology is based on years of research and combines the founder’s deep understanding of biomarker assay development and advanced biostatistics.

Their Objective

Using MSD and Luminex multiplex platforms, AVIIR developed a lab derived test that incorporated the levels of seven unique biomarkers. These markers, along with physiological metrics such as age, sex, and BMI provide a risk score that correlated with a 5-year risk factor of a cardiac event caused by a lesion. This score would be used by a physician to counsel and advise patients to achieve lower cardiac event risks. Due to license fees and the high cost of running tests on two separate systems, AVIIR needed to simplify their process into a single assay.

The Solution

Quansys Biosciences would create a single multiplex kit that needed to exceed the current individual performance specifications of each of the MSD and Luminex platforms. The solution needed to fit within the current regulatory environment of a lab-derived test and meet automation requirements for high throughput.


AVIIR provided Quansys with required specifications for the lab derived test and Quansys acquired the necessary antibodies, calibrators and controls to develop and build a 7-plex product that had superior reproducibility along with improved sensitivity.

  • Eliminate Licence Fees. Using Q-Plex technology allowed AVIIR to eliminate the cost of licensing software, and other analyte technology.

  • Reduce Sample. By only using one assay to run the required 7 analytes, AVIIR was able to reduce sample required – minimizing the complexity and cost of specimen collection, sample preparation, and testing time.

  • Simplifyy. Q-Plex Technology allowed AVIIR to multiplexing seven analytes on one platform, greatly simplifying the diagnostic process which has saved AVIIR time and money.

Services Used


Assay Development

ISO 13485 development of sensitive arrays.

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Easy and powerful access to data. 

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Quality imaging from the most affordable systems.

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Custom Assay Printing

Your Markers Multiplexed

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