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Success Story


Simon Fraser University wanted to minimize the required amount of sample, reducing storage and shipping costs, streamline the testing process, and cut the expenses involved with running individual traditional ELISA immunoassays.

Their Story

Simon Fraser University (SFU), is a public research university in British Columbia, Canada. SFU’s Biomedical Engineering faculty is involved in leading-edge research across a broad spectrum of disciplines including demographic and health surveys.

Their Objective

SFU needed to find a way to reduce the cost of this research while maintaining the same level of performance in the data. It was their objective to minimize the required amount of sample, reducing storage and shipping costs. They also wanted to streamline the testing process, cutting the expenses involved with running individual traditional ELISA immunoassays.

The Solution

Quansys Biosciences organized all of the biomarkers currently being tested by SFU into a single multiplex array. This Female Hormone kit, successfully combines both sandwich ELISAs and competitive assays into a single well of a 96 well plate, while maintaining, and in some cases improving, individual biomarker sensitivity and reproducibility. Acquiring the data from six unique analytes could now be accomplished from a single dilution in a multiplex test.


By simplifying the process of running multiple hormones in separate tests, Q-Plex technology provided SFU with the ability to save sample, time, and money by measuring multiple biomarkers simultaneously in one assay.

  • Save Time. Measuring multiple analytes simultaneously allowed SFU to save over 1250 labor hours per year.

  • Save Sample. SFU was able to save 125 μl/sample.

  • Save Money. SFU was able to save $69,440 in ELISA costs because they no longer had to purchase and run separate test for each hormone measured.

Services Used


Assay Development
ISO 13485 development of sensitive arrays.

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Analytical Software
Easy and powerful access to data.

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Quality imaging from the most affordable systems.

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Custom Assays
Get better results with a personalized  panel.

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