Q-Plex™ ELISA Technology

Q-Plex™ Technology offers quality imaging and data analysis for every application and budget.

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If you are new to the concept of Multiplex ELISA testing or if you would like to discover other Multiplex ELISA services offered by Quansys, scroll on to learn more. 

How can Q-Plex™ Multiplex ELISA Technology help you?

Better than Traditional ELISA

Get better results with a highly sensitive, reproducible ELISA while still utilizing traditional ELISA methodology.

Q-Plex™ Multiplex ELISA Technology




Fast Results!


High Quality!


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Smaller Sample Sizes!


Simultaneous Testing!

Get more from an ELISA test

A traditional planer based singleplex ELISA uses each well of a 96 or 384 well plate to test for individual biomarkers. Each well is dedicated to the results of a single analyte. Multiplexing takes the same time tested reliability and sensitivity of a singleplex ELISA and adds the advantages of measuring multiple markers using the same sample at the same time.

Q-Plex™ Technology comfortably allows 18 separate markers to be read per well on a 96 well plate. Measuring multiple analytes in each well saves, time, money, and sample.

With Q-Plex™ Technology, you can even multiplex your singleplex. Raise your confidence levels by comparing two of the same analytes in each well.  With Q-Plex™ technology you can also upgrade HDR singleplex test.

Flexibility in Customization

With a growing list of over a hundred analytes to choose from, we can build the assay that best fits your needs. Because Q-Plex™ technology allows you to test for the markers you are interested in on an ELISA platform similar to what you are already familiar with, you will save time, sample, and money. 

Better Results

You need confidence in your data and you deserve a highly sensitive test that provides that data.


Q-Plex™ multiplexing technology allows tests to be measured in the low pg/ml range with low single-digit CVs. Unlock the mass amounts of data available when you leverage our Q-View™ data analyzing software. 

Save Sample

Your sample can be the most precious thing in your lab and collecting sample can be very difficult, time consuming, and expensive. Each 50 µL of diluted sample provides results in duplicate, meaning only 25 µL of sample is necessary per well.


Our team of expert assay developers have developed a process to optimize your data, allowing correlation to any predicate assays that may be available.

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