Get the Exact Test You Need With Q-Plex™ Array Technology

We specialize in building multiplex arrays for your specific testing needs. We work with our customers to build the exact multiplex tool needed to maximize the efficiency of their testing and the accuracy of their results.

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Custom Kits

Get a ready-to-use Q-Plex Array Kit with the markers of your choice in less than two weeks. Select a combination of up-to 20 of our prevalidated assays and we’ll incorporate them into a unique custom kit. Each kit comes with a prespotted plate and all necessary buffers, reagents, and instructions for your specific multiplex assays. Custom Q-Plex Kits allow you to focus on the markers of interest to you, without the extra cost or distraction associated with other testing options.

Get your unique combination of markers in a multiplex kit

Printed Plates

Have your desired content printed on micro-well plates in our controlled manufacturing environment. We’ll deposit your specified proteins in a defined array with our precise printing process. Designate your content by sending material directly to us, providing ordering information or selecting from our analyte content list. Our printing expertise includes antibodies, peptides, purified proteins, recombinant proteins and cell lysates. Get up to 20 markers per well in a 96-well plate or up to four markers per well in a 384-well plate.

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OEM Partnering

We work with our OEM partners to apply their specific content to a private labeled multiplexed array. Custom OEM products can be for a customer’s internal use or for distribution to third parties. Development and manufacture of plates and complete kits are performed in compliance with agreed-upon guidelines and specifications. Our focus on customer service and expertise in array development and custom printing make Quansys a natural choice for OEM partner.

Let us help you with your OEM multiplex needs

Assay Development

Our scientists can build a multiplex assay to meet your specific criteria. We can incorporate your proprietary content or work with our suppliers to source content to meet particular specifications. We also develop lyophilized reagents for long-term stability and can help to develop controls used for standard curve generation. Our efficient development processes allow us to keep development times short and costs low, all while delivering highly accurate assays.

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