Analyte List

View our analyte list of available human, mouse, and other biomarkers used in our Q-Plex multiplex kits.

wdt_ID Species Analyte / Biomarker Alternate Names View More Information
1 Human Adiponectin GBP-28, apM1, AdipoQ, Acrp30
2 Human AGP α-1-acid glycoprotein, AGP1, orosomucoid, ORM
3 Human Ang-2 Angiopoietin-2, ang2, ANGPT2
4 Human BDNF Brain derived neurotrophic factor, abrineurin
5 Human CD-14 CD14, Monocyte differentiation antigen CD14, Myeloid cell-specific leucine-rich glycoprotein, Cluster of differentiation 14
7 Human CD-163 CD163, Cluster of Differentiation 163
8 Human CEA CD66c, CEACAM6
9 Human Cortisol Hydrocortisone
10 Human C-Peptide Connecting Peptide
11 Human CRP C-Reactive protein, PTX1, MGC149895, MGC88244
12 Human CTACK Cutaneous T cell-attracting chemokine, C-C motif chemokine ligand 27, ALP, CTAK, ILC, ESKINE, CCL27, PESKY, SCYA27
13 Human CXCL-1 Chemokine Ligand 1, GROα, KC, CINC-1, Neutrophil-activating protein 3 (NAP-3), GRO1, Melanoma Growth Stimulating Activity alpha (MGSA-α), MGSAa
14 Human CXCL-5 ENA78, C-X-C motif chemokine 5
15 Human CYFRA-21 Cytokeratin-19 fragment
16 Human E1G Estrone-3-Glucuronide
17 Human E2 Estradiol, Oestradiol
18 Human EGF Epidermal growth factor
19 Human Eotaxin-1 Eosinophil Chemotactic Protein, Chemokine ligand 11 (CCL11)
20 Human Eotaxin-3 CCL26, MIP-4α
21 Human FASL Fas ligand, CD95L, CD178, Apo-1 ligand
22 Human Ferritin Apoferritin, cell proliferation-inducing gene 15 protein, ferritin h subunit, ferritin heavy chain, heavy polypeptide 1, FHC, FTHEC, FTHL6MGC104426, PIG15, placenta immunoregulatory factor, PLIF, proliferation-inducing protein 15
23 Human FGF Human Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor, bFGF, FGF2, FGF-β, FGFb
24 Human FGF-21 Fibroblast growth factor 21
25 Human Fractalkine Fractalkine, CX3CL1, Neurotactin
26 Human FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone
27 Human GCSF Granulocyte-colony stimulating factor, G-CSF, colony-stimulating factor 3, CSF 3
29 Human Glucagon Glucagon
30 Human GMCSF Granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor, GM-CSF, colony-stimulating factor 2, CSF 2
31 Human HCGβ HCG beta, Human Chorionic Gonadotropin beta sub-unit, HCG, HCGb
32 Human HGF Hepatocyte Growth Factor, Scatter Factor
33 Human HRP2 Plasmodium falciparum HRP2, Histidine rich protein 2
34 Human I-309 CCL1, P500, SCYA1, T lymphocyte-secreted protein I-309, TCA-3
35 Human IFABP Intestinal-type fatty acid-binding protein, fatty acid-binding protein 2, FABP2
36 Human IFNα IFN alpha, interferon alpha, type I interferon, IFNa
37 Human IFNβ IFN beta, interferon beta, IFNb
38 Human IFNγ IFNy, IFN gamma, interferon gamma, type II interferon, IFNy
39 Human IFNλ Interferon lambda 1, IFNλ1, IL-29
40 Human IFNω Interferon omega, IFN omega, IFNw
41 Human IGF-1 Insulin-like growth factor 1, somatomedin C, somatomedin A, IGF1
42 Human IL-1α IL-1α, Interleukin 1 alpha, fibroblast-activating factor (FAF), B-cell-activating factor (BAF), leukocyte endogenous mediator (LEM), epidermal cell-derived thymocyte-activating factor (ETAF), serum amyloid A inducer of hepatocyte-stimulating factor (HS), catabolin, hemopoetin-1 (H-1), endogenous pyrogen (EP), osteoclast-activating factor (OAF), proteolysis-inducing factor (PIF)
43 Human IL-1β Interleukin 1 beta, IL1β, leukocytic pyrogen, leukocytic endogenous mediator, mononuclear cell factor, lymphocyte activating factor, pre-interleukin 1 beta, catabolin
44 Human IL-2 Interleukin 2
45 Human IL-2Rα CD25, IL-2 receptor alpha chain, IL-2Ra
46 Human IL-4 Interleukin 4, B cell-stimulatory factor-1
47 Human IL-5 Interleukin 5, Eosinophil differentiation factor, TRF, BCDF, B-cell differentiation factor I, Eo-CSF
48 Human IL-6 Interleukin 6
49 Human IL-7 Interleukin 7, lymphopoietin-1, pre-B-cell growth factor
50 Human IL-8 Interleukin 8, Chemokine Ligand 8, CXCL8
51 Human IL-10 Interleukin 10, human cytokine synthesis inhibitory factor (CSIF), CSIF, IL10A, MGC126450, MGC126451, TGIF
52 Human IL-12p40 IL-12p40, Interleukin 12 subunit beta, IL-12B, Natural Killer Cell Stimulatory Factor 2, Cytotoxic Lymphocyte Maturation Factor p40, Inactive Homodymer of interleukin-12
Species Analyte / Biomarker

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