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Our time-tested immunoassay sample testing service allows for the confidence you need to run your precious samples and provides you with the results you need to advance your research. 


Save Time and Money!

Running ELISAs can take hours out of your day – especially when you have to run single assays one at a time. Focus on your core research by allowing Quansys to run your biological samples for you.


Save Sample!

We all know how valuable your sample can be. Choose the biomarkers that work best for your research. With Quansys’ Q-Plex technology, up to 18 different biomarkers can be assayed simultaneously in the same well saving you additional sample and money. Get more results from the same amount of sample.


Better Data!

To provide the best statistical results, assays can be run in replicates of three for each sample submitted. Receive a full data report via email within two weeks.

Our immunoassay sample testing service allows for the measurement of multiple protein biomarkers for research use. We offer an extensive targeted menu of assays performed on our multiplex ELISA array platform (Q-Plex™) and applicable single ELISAs.

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Low Minimum of Sample

Only 8 samples minimum if testing on analytes available in a retail kit, 16 samples minimum if testing a custom panel.


Low Sample Volume

When possible, each sample is tested in triplicate. It is optimal for at least 200 μl of each sample to be sent per array. Based on your request, an additional volume may be needed. 


Fast Results!

Typical turnaround times range from 5 to 10 business days based on the assays requested. An estimate of the time to receive data will be provided with a quote.


Detailed Reports!

All results are reported in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format containing raw data, charts, and calculated concentrations derived from regression models from each of the samples tested. A written report explaining the technology is also provided.

Start your sample testing by selecting your sample species:

Sample Types Accepted

Validated sample types for Q-Plex assays include serum, plasma, and urine.  Cell culture supernatant, cell lysate, cell culture media, and/or tissue homogenates are also commonly used sample types that have shown positive results. Make sure to specify the type of sample and buffer constituents used for the samples on the form. Clearly label each vial using permanent marking and provide a list of the samples in the shipment. Labeling should exactly match the digital manifest.

The most common samples customers send us are:

  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Cell culture supernates
  • Cell lysates
  • Tissue homogenates
  • Cell culture media
  • Conditioned media
  • Media + sera
  • Biopsy tissues
  • Tumors
  • Whole blood
  • Bronchoalveolar lavage
  • Aqueous humor
  • Eye
  • Liver
  • Peritoneal fluid
  • Urine

Note: Due to the variety of methods and materials used in preparation, tissue homogenates and cell lysates have not been validated for this service. If you choose to send these samples types, please be aware that we are unable to guarantee satisfactory results.

Samples will be destroyed 3 months after the date of receipt. If requested at the time the order is placed, samples will be returned to the customer at the customer’s expense.

Shipping your samples

Sample should be shipped overnight, Monday through Thursday, frozen with 3-5 lbs dry ice. Protect the samples from damage by putting them in a box or wrapped in bubble wrap and not loose among the dry ice as this will damage the vials and labeling.

Shipment should include a manifest listing all the samples shipped.

Start your sample testing by selecting your sample species:

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