Custom Assay Development

Q-Plex™ Technology offers quality imaging and data analysis

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Quansys offers top-of-the-line ISO 13485 certified assay development

Assay Development

Quansys offers over 15 years experience developing sensitive and specific multiplex arrays for use in a wide variety of applications. Our highly qualified team of assay developers, engineers, product managers, and specialized quality team can build a multiplex tool to meet your research needs.

Our highly efficient system allows us to keep costs low and assay accuracy high. Using our controlled manufacturing environment, we produce specialized multiplex ELISA kits with lyophilized reagents for long-term stability. We can also develop controls used for standard curve generation. Costs to develop a custom ELISA array will vary depending on the availability of reagents, the types of biomarkers desired, and the time involved to develop, optimize, and validate the ELISA array.

Phase I — Proof of Concept
  • Qualitative assays built
  • Reagent functionality tested
  • Cross-reactivity tested
  • Foreground to background determination
Phase II — Optimization & Characterization
  • Optimization of assays: array, reagents, and protocols
  • Characterization: precision, linearity, recovery, sensitivity, cross-reactivity, backfit, drift, edge effect, sample correlation, and inference
Phase III — Performance Verification
  • Verify Phase II specs: precision, linearity, recovery, sensitivity, cross-reactivity, backfit, drift, edge effect, sample correlation and inference
  • Stability (real-time and accelerated)
Phase IV — Pilot Production & QC Release
  • Create production documentation
  • Prepare plates and reagents
  • QC testing and release

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