Products and Services

Q-Plex™ Technology offers quality imaging and data analysis

for every application and budget

Products and Services

Q-Plex assays, instruments, and services deliver rapid, sensitive and convenient biological measurements for pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories, government institutions, universities and academics around the world.

Multiplex Assays

Verified, pre-configured, and ready-to-use multiplex arrays.

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Custom Assays

Get better results with a personalized multiplex panel.

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Singleplex Assays

Multiplex your singleplex. See our verified analytes

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Quality imaging from the most affordable systems.

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OEM Services

Offer your products as a multiplex  solution.

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Analytical Software

User intuitive and powerful access to more data.

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Assay Development

ISO 13485 development of sensitive arrays.

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Sample Testing

Quick and easy. Allow Quansys to run your samples.

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Optimize your assays with our Q-Plex approved reagents.

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Custom Assay Printing

Get better performance with Q-Plex approved reagents.

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"We decided to go with the Quansys system because their multiplexed plates had all of the markers we were already looking at in a tedious, singleplex format. Switching to the Quansys system was both hugely cost effective and much easier to use. One of the things that I enjoy most about working with Quansys is that their R&D team is always willing to help me troubleshoot anything that might be problematic with my sample data. They truly are multiplex ELISA experts!"

Neven, Regenexx


As researchers and problem solvers ourselves, we understand the value of sound data. We are proud to be a part of research that can better the world. We value the relationships, partnerships, and friendships that we have built with the people who trust and use our technology. We are committed to building these relationships. You can count on us to answer the phone and take time to thoroughly address questions or concerns about any of our products. In an industry that is reputed for grandiose claims, we trust that our quality standards and our customer service set us apart from the competition. If you’re happy with our products or if you think we can do something better, we hope you will let us know.



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