NHP PDGF Analyte Overview


Also known as PDGF-BB Platelet Derived Growth Factor

Platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF) is a growth factor that mediates growth and cell division. It is a critical regulator of early embryonic development, where it drives the growth of the mesenchyme and later tissue remodeling and morphogenesis. In adults, PDGF promotes blood vessel formation and maintenance, wound healing, survival and regeneration of neurons, and induces of mitosis in connective tissue cells. In the immune system it stimulates neutrophil phagocytosis and inhibits natural killer cell activity. PDGF is chemotactic for fibroblasts, smooth muscle cells, neutrophils and mononuclear cells. The presence of this chemokine is common at the site of healing in damaged tissue, especially connective tissue, where it stimulates collagen synthesis. Clinically, PDGF is often used to heal ulcers, stimulate recovery following orthopedic surgery, and promote soft tissue healing

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