Analyte Overview



Name(s): S100A9, S100 Calcium Binding Protein A9


        Human: 35-0.05 ng/ml

Species: Human

Sample Type: Serum, EDTA Plasma

Detection: Chemiluminescent

Singleplex or Multiplex: Singleplex and Multiplex Available


Analyte Description

S100 calcium-binding protein A9 (S100A9), also known as calgranulin B or migration inhibitory factor-related protein 14 (MRP14), is a cytoplasm protein involved in the regulation of a wide range of cellular activities. Within the cell, it plays a role in major cellular functions including division and differentiation. In the immune system, it modulates the response to vascular inflammation by regulating the number of immune cells present at the site of injury. S100A9 has antimicrobial effects on many strains of bacteria and fungi. It is commonly used as a marker for inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Dysfunction of S100A9 is associated with cystic fibrosis and the abnormal differentiation seen in cancer cells. S100A9 also promotes the replication of HIV and may contribute to the biological mechanism of its transmission.

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