Analyte Overview


Resistin Overview

Name(s): Resistin, C/EBP-epsilon-regulated myeloid-specific secreted cysteine-rich protein, XCP1, Found In Inflammatory Zone 3, FIZZ3, Adipocyte Secreted Factor, ADSF, Adipose Tissue-Specific Secretory Factor, ADSF


        Human: 10000-2.74 pg/ml

Species: Human

Sample Type: Serum, Plasma

Detection: Chemiluminescent

Singleplex or Multiplex: Singleplex and Multiplex Available


Analyte Description

Resistin, also known as adipose tissue-specific secretory factor (ADSF) or C/EBP-epsilon-regulated myeloid-specific secreted cysteine-rich protein (XCP1), is a peptide hormone that plays a complex and controversial role in obesity and inflammation. In humans, resistin is secreted by immune and epithelial cells, while in rodents it is secreted by adipose tissue. Resistin has been shown to increase risk of heart disease by increasing the production of LDL cholesterol in liver cells and degrading LDL receptors in the liver. Resistin also accelerates the accumulation of LDL in arteries. It works to counteract the effects of statins, cholesterol-reducing drugs that are commonly used to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease. Resistin is pro-inflammatory, inducing the expression of numerous inflammatory cytokines. Resistin appears to play a role in energy metabolism and insulin resistance and is often dysregulated in obese or type II diabetes patients. However, the data on the matter is conflicting, with some studies showing increased resistin with increased body weight and others showing the reverse correlation.

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