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Quansys to present on multiplexing protein biomarkers in Precision Medicine at the 10th Annual, Clinical, Biomarkers & World CDx Conference

Logan, UT, August 22, 2019—Quansys Biosciences, Inc. a pioneer in multiplexing ELISAs announced today that it will be presenting at the 10th Annual Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Conference in Boston, MA, on September 11, 2019.

The 10th Clinical Biomarkers & World CDx Conference in to be held in Boston, MA is the platform for biomarker, translational, diagnostic and precision medicine executives to enhance the translation and clinical validation of novel predictive biomarkers, and maximize access and adoption of Dx-enabled therapeutics.

Precision medicine tailors treatment of an individual patient based on the presence or absence of specific biomarkers. Quansys will present on how multiplexing predictive biomarkers in precision medicine can help us better understand disease.

Quansys has 15 years experience developing customized multiplex and singleplex protein assay technologies that allow pharmaceutical companies, clinical laboratories, government institutions, and university researchers around the world access to large amounts of quantitative data quickly and efficiently.

Quansys is an FDA-registered ISO13485:2016 certified facility with the ability to support our partners from proof of concept to a fully compliant IVD.