NHP Kit Transparent E2E 6w x 72

Logan, UT. January 31st, 2023

Research in certain animal models is crucial to understanding how a therapeutic functions and how safe it might be for use in humans. A critical model for many studies, including those involving drug development, is the non-human primate model (NHP). 

NHP serve as a crucial animal model for development of novel therapeutics due to similarities in immune and organ systems. To support this line of research and maximize data generated from such precious samples, four new NHP-specific ELISAs were developed at Quansys Biosciences.

“The new NHP kits really came about thanks to requests from different customers looking for more reliable alternatives to what’s on the market. Quansys has always prided itself on its close relationships with its customers and we can’t wait for researchers to try these solutions.” – Adam Brown, CEO of Quansys Biosciences

The four kits encompass over 30 cytokines, chemokines, and cancer biomarkers. Additionally, retail kits can be customized using biomarkers from any other NHP kit to create custom layouts specific to the user’s needs. When run in combination with the user-friendly Q-View Imager and data analysis software, getting fast, accurate, and reliable results is easy for even an inexperienced user.

About Quansys Biosciences

Quansys Biosciences prides itself in the development and manufacture of multiplexed assays for protein quantification. Quansys Biosciences Q-Plex™ Array Technology aids researchers in better understanding of disease. The Q-Plex Technology includes multiplex and singleplex assays built to maximize the quantity and quality of data from biological samples. To support its multiplex assays, Quansys also provides the Q-View™ Imaging system, consisting of Q-View™ Software, a user-friendly software package that enables the acquisition and analysis of large amounts of multiplex data, and the Q-View™ Imager, a high-resolution imaging device used to capture chemiluminescent assays. Quansys Biosciences was founded in 2005. Learn more at www.quansysbio.com.

For more information, please contact:
Kent Nelson, Marketing Manager at info@quansysbio.com