Fast Analysis of Antibody Levels with Q‑Plex™ Pneumococcal Assays

Ready for a fast and easy test for serotypes of Streptococcus pneumoniae? Q-Plex assays make antibody concentration data available in as little as 90 minutes!

Experience the simplicity of measuring pneumococcal antibody levels with our innovative Q-View™ technology. To get you started, we’re offering a FREE trial of our user-friendly Q-View™ Software, complete with a data analysis file of our pneumococcal kits.

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Q-Plex™ Advantage in Your Lab

Q-Plex™ multiplex ELISA kits offer a number of advantages that make them a perfect choice for your lab:


Q-Plex protocol takes 90 minutes with a 5-minute read time.

Ease of Use

Serological multiplex ELISA tests are easy to perform and require minimal training.

Ready to Use

No cumbersome conjugations! The Q‑Plex Human Pneumococcal IgG assays are ready to use right out of the box.


Serological multiplex ELISAs are highly sensitive, detecting low levels of antibodies in samples.


Serological multiplex ELISAs are highly specific, reducing frequency of false positives.

Elevate Pneumococcal Testing with Q-Plex™ IgG Kit

Discover the future of pneumococcal testing with our Q‑Plex Human Pneumococcal IgG kits. Our kits accurately measure antibody levels corresponding to the serotypes found in pure polysaccharide vaccines like the Pneumovax®23 vaccine as well as protein conjugated vaccines such as Prevnar 7®, Prevnar 13®, Prevnar 20®, and Vaxneuvance™.

Utilizing Q-View™ Software for Efficient Data Analysis

Q-Plex™ assays are conducted on 96-well plates with capture material immobilized in each well. The Q-Plex Human Pneumococcal IgG kits consist of two arrays, measuring 14 serotypes most commonly vaccinated against and or 9 additional serotypes found in other vaccinations.

Data from Q-Plex arrays, like the Q-Plex Human Pneumococcal IgG kits, are efficiently analyzed using the Q-View™ Imager LS, a high-quality, cost-effective chemiluminescent imager, and the user-friendly Q-View Software. Together, the imager and software acquire, display, and analyze microplate images.

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