Q-View Imager LS

Multiplex Assay Imager

High Quality, Low Cost Chemiluminescent Imaging

The Q-View Imager LS is a high quality, low-cost chemiluminescent imager. The Q-View Imager LS supports 96-well to 384-well plate based chemiluminescent imaging.

The Q-View Imager LS comes with Q-View Software, a powerful, user-friendly image analysis software package, that enables the user to capture, view and analyze the image. When used together the Q-View Imager LS and Q-view Software provide an optimized imaging system.

Q-View™ Imager LS Specifications

Resolution: 18 Megapixel

Sensor Type: CMOS

Control: via Q-View Software

Power: 120-240 Volt AC

Optics: selected to minimize vignetting effect

Image Application: SBS plate format and maximum blots 3 × 4 3/4 in (7.6 x 12.1 cm)

Connection to PC: USB 2.0

Dimensions: 8 × 10 × 22 in (20.32 x 25.4 x 55.88 cm)

Product Package

Catalog #104150GR: Q-View™ Imager LS and Software with Desktop PC

Specifications All-In-One Computer Desktop Computer
Operating System Windows 10 Home (64-bit) Windows 10 Home (64-bit)
Java Current version of Java Current version of Java
Processor Intel Core i3 or AMD Equivalent Intel Core i3 or AMD Equivalent
Q-View Software Current Version preinstalled Current Version preinstalled
Configuration Self contained computer in monitor Separate desktop computer and monitor
Monitor 23″ Wide LED 23″ Wide LED

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