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Using the Qualification Plate

The Q-View™ Qualification Plate is an optional tool that can be used for performance qualification (PQ) of the Q-View Imager LS. If qualification fails, it may be a sign of the plate battery failing and that it is time for requalification of the plate. Reach out to your Quansys Biosciences sales representative to begin the requalification process or try some of the solutions below. 

Qualification Plate Failed

Probable Cause Solution 
Incorrect positioning  Ensure proper orientation of the Qualification Plate, with plate flat and lights facing imager camera. 
Activation switch disabled  Some qualification plates will have an activation switch kept active with a piece of tape. Make sure it is still in place. 
Battery Depleted  Check certificate of analysis for expiration date.  
If before expiration, try replacing the battery with the spare packaged with the plate.  Qualification ranges will need to be rebuilt with a replaced battery 
If near expiration, contact sales representative for calibration service.