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What is Q-Plex?

Q-Plex technology is a multiplex ELISA, an assay platform that can simultaneously quantify the concentrations of multiple analytes by utilizing enzymes and adsorbed antibodies and/or antigens. Each fully quantitative Q-Plex kit consists of arrays of up to 18 distinct capture antibody nano spots deposited into each well of a microtitre plate, meaning that in a 96-well plate, This is different from a traditional ELISA, where an entire well is devoted to a single type of antibody population, such that only 96 data points are acquired in one plate. Q-Plex kits can be imaged and analyzed using our high-quality, low-cost Q-View™ imager, or other imagers, and our Q-View™ Software.

How do Q-Plex multiplex ELISAs work?

Q-Plex kits consist of a printed array of capture antibodies for a variety of biological markers. The user adds a calibrator and samples to individual wells of a 96-well plate. After incubation and washing, a mixture of biotinylated antibodies is added to the plate. This is followed by incubating with streptavidin-HRP and is completed by capturing the light produced from adding chemiluminescent substrate with an imaging system. Pixel intensity values from the images are used to construct a standard curve and calculate the concentrations of the unknown sample for each system.