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Q-View™ Imager Installation Troubleshooting

If your Q-View imager is connected to a computer but isn’t being recognized in the Q-View Software, please do the following:

Refresh the connection

In the Q-View Software, go to Settings > Administration > Manage Imagers. Click Refresh in the dialog box that pops up.

Ensure there is power

Is the Q-View Imager power cord plugged into a functioning power strip and/or wall outlet? Be sure to check alternate wall outlets that are on a different circuit. Is the power cord which connects into the back of the imager is plugged into the imager securely?

Try alternate USB ports

Can you refresh the imager connection (as in step 1) when the Q-View Imager USB cable is plugged into a different port of the computer? Be sure to check all of your computer’s available ports.
If none of these fix the problem, please call 888-782-6797 for technical support.

If you are experiencing issues with your experiment or imaging, please see our tips on ELISA Troubleshooting.