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Getting the most from Q-View™ Software

Q-View Software is a tool for the quantitative analysis of multiplexed chemiluminescent planar-based arrays. Optimized for use with Q-Plex™ assays and run on the Q-View™ Imager LS, the software’s quick to master user interface delivers concentration data in three easy steps.

Step 1: Image Processing

  • Images can be captured or imported through their respective menus
  • Unique software product codes, found on the kit’s specific Ccontain spot geography and spot identity information
  • Q-View’s auto-set plate overlay function help expedite workflow

Step 2: Well Assignment

  • Use Sequential Naming and Templates to quickly assign repeat layouts. Sample Controls can be assigned if they are part of the product definition.

Step 3: Data Analysis

  • Click Perform Analysis and Q-View will auto-fit the data to a regression model of best fit.
  • Chart y-axis defaults to a log scale but can be changed to linear by navigating to Settings > Preferences > Y-Axis scale
  • Standard curve charts can be exported one at a time or all together
  • Evaluate standard curves by checking for %backfit and %CV in the Report
  • Evaluate sample signal quickly by viewing Pixel Intensity in the Data window

Standard curves can be optimized to fit low concentration and high concentration data depending on your needs. For more information, please see the article: Greater Q-plex Sensitivity