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Software Product Definitions

The Q-View Software is able to perform product specific analysis. This analysis takes into account kit specific details like the number and identity of the analytes and their respective calibrator concentrations found within the array and are defined within the Product Definitions file. This file is updated by Quansys on a regular basis as new product is released. The Product Definitions file is updated within the Q-View software automatically when the computer has an Internet connection. When an Internet connection is not available, manual updates of the product definitions are required to ensure that the most recent product releases are available to the Q-View Software.

How to install the downloaded XML file

Open Q-View Software. From the Settings drop-down menu, select Administration and then Q-View Updates.

A-View Updates

Select Update product definitions manually. Click the Update product definitions from file button.

Update product definitions from file

Navigate to the downloaded XML file and click OK.

updating product definitions